LABOR      USA/ITALY   2018      12 minutes

Dir. Cecilia Albertini/written by Andrea Brusa and Cecilia Albertini

WINNER - Best Film at the Afrodite Film Festival in Rome

WINNER - Best Directing at the Moscow Shorts Film Festival

WINNER - UCLA Director's Spotlight award 2018

Official Selections: LA Shorts Film Festival (World Premiere), DC Shorts Film Festival, Urban World Film Festival, Fine Cut Festival of Films, The Wrap Shortlist, El Gouna Film Festival, Award I LOVE GIOVANI AUTORI ITALIANI (Venice Film Festival), Sedici Corto Film Festival, Rome Film Festival, Nantucket Film Festival, Hill County Film Festival, Tallahassee Film Festival, Skepto Film Festival, Figari Film Festival, Porto Femme International Film Festival, Buenos Aires Film Festival, ENFOQUE Film Festival, Zeitimpuls Film Festival, Sound & Image Challenge, Alpinale Kurzfilmfestival, Corti da Sogno - Antonio Ricci, San Sebastian Human Rights Film Festival, Fastnet Film Festival, Landshut Short Film Festival, Visioni Italiane, Soria Film Festival 2018, Malatya International Film Festival 2018, Afrodite Film Festival, Moscow Shorts Film Festival).

FIRST LOVE   USA  2017   12 minutes 

Dramatic Short 

Dir. Cecilia Albertini

A fifteen year old girl has a crush on her older neighbour, but she soon discovers that she must compete with another woman for his attention. 


2017 - California Women’s Film Festival

ALLEGRA'S BODY SHOP     USA   2018    6 minutes

Comedic Short

Dir. Cecilia Albertini     

WINNER - Best Comedy at the Austin Comedy Short Film Festival

WINNER - Honorable Mention at the London Worldwide Comedy Film Festival

NOMINATED - Best Original Concept at the Austin Comedy Shorts Film Festival


2018 - Austin Comedy Shorts Film Festival

Two small time crooks break into a car shop and stumble upon a car-themed BDSM orgy that gets in the way of their malicious plans. 

SANITY  - Episode 2       USA   2016

TV Series  Episode

Dir. Cecilia Albertini

Nominated for a Student Emmy Award in 2017

Sanity is a TV series about five graduate student therapists in a university counseling clinic, and the unusual patients they take on while managing their own intense personal relationships.


LOOSE ENDS     USA    2015

Dramatic Short 

Dir. Cecilia Albertini

At the darkest moment in a man's life, he finds an unexpected connection with his estranged son.

At the darkest moment in a man's life, he finds an unexpected connection with his estranged son.


Feature Drama 

Dir. Marta Savina

Producer Cecilia Albertini

Executive Producer James Franco 

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